Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lost in time...

So the past week or so has totally lost me... I left you with "Southwest cancelled my flight" and since then have been home in Arizona, watched at least 8 movies, celebrated Christmas, felt the lil baby move, ate Nick's Feed-Your-Face (a Prescott classic), received lovely gifts, ate my weight in homemade goodness, and alas have made it back to the Bay Area again!! Where has the time gone!? So to expand on the highlights...

Yes, we made it back to Arizona and had a lovely time with family. I love Christmas at my house. I love the stockings, the breakfast, the laid back feeling of it all... I just love being home. Josh and I received our first "adult" camera -- the Rebel -- my parents way of guaranteeing themselves lots of pictures of lil lop once she comes in just 4 short months! And what's funny is we tried practicing with it and taking pictures of any little ornament or knick knack around the house... and managed not to take one single picture of ANY of my family members. Wow... a great start to our camera adventure. Ey yi yi. We'll get there.

Baby news - yep, I've officially gotten to the point where I can decipher a baby kick from indigestion or gas or cramps... it's pretty fun. Pretty crazy - but really exciting. Can't wait for Josh to get to feel the baby move...

Belly news - it's a'growing... fast. But not fast enough for someone to look at me and say "she's totally pregnant"... so I'm getting self conscious about it and am constantly touching my stomach so hopefully people will assume I'm pregnant and not that I just overdid it with the holiday goodies... which I did... but that's beside the point. I'll post baby bump pictures at some point... maybe when it gets to the point of "she's pregnant!" and not "she's pregnant...? or eating a lot...?"

Anyway - one day of work and then we're off to Pasadena for New Years/the Rose Bowl Parade! HOPEFULLY pictures to document the weekend... with PEOPLE in them...

Monday, December 21, 2009

the long road home...

So we're going back to my hometown for Christmas today... everything has been set in stone for over two months now and we were good to go. Then I get a voicemail this morning from Southwest airlines letting me know that our flight was cancelled... Yes. They called me about T minus 7 hours before my flight was to take off to tell me "Sorry - you're not really going home, sucker!"

Luckily they had the next flight out available - granted it's a midnight arrival, but at least we'll be home sweet home for the holidays.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

for me? you shouldn't have...

We did our little family gift exchange tonight (that way we don't have to lug our gifts to AZ just to unwrap them and lug them back... smart, huh?).

For Josh:

As of late, Josh has had a hankerin for his nightcaps... scotch on the rocks if you will. But as of late, he's been using our stemless wine glasses - so I opted for the whisk(e)y lover. Along with its mouthblown glasses, it has ice cube "stones" that you freeze to prevent the regular ice from watering down your drinks... so you really have scotch on the rocks. Now Josh can have his occasional drink in style... For Me:

Josh has promised me a jewelry box for... ummm... 2 years now?? He's built 2 of them himself but hasn't been fully happy with them. I finally said that I NEED one (mine is falling apart and holds about 2 rings and a chunky bracelet and then it's full). SO, we found one that looks just perfect for "the meantime"... until Josh can build the perfect box. BUT, since the box was promised to me 2 years ago, as a present, Josh got me jewelry to put IN the jewelry box. Good man... a beautiful necklace from J Crew and lovely earrings from Anthro... thanks baby!!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

mmm. mmm. mush.

So our farm box came last Friday and we've put some good use to it... bok choy in pad thai, fennel and orange salad, fruits galore, and last night - cream of mushroom soup with leeks. And not just any cream of mushroom soup, but Ina's cream of mushroom soup. Which you KNOW has to be good because 1. it's got lots of butter. 2. it's got lots of cream. 3. it's got lots of love... I love that Ina. It's Josh's favorite homemade soup to date... and (bonus!) there's enough for a leftovers lunch!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

lil lop

We've been referring to the bambino as "lil lop" (coined by the Olsens... very clever guys, thanks!). Well, now, we can refer to the baby as "lil LADY lop"... or at least they THINK. She (if she is a she) was being very modest and not opening her legs for the camera (good girl!), so the technician only got a quick view and is pretty sure it's a girl. Obviously they don't want to be held responsible for the whole switch-a-roo-out-pops-a-boy, so we'll ask our doctor to do another ultrasound when we go in January. But until then, we're saying GIRL!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy or Girl...?

Any votes on what the little bambino is? We find out TODAY! Well, hopefully... we go in for the anatomy ultrasound and hopefully find out if we buy pink or blue... well, moreso purple or green... or maybe yellow or red... oh goodness. So many options.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

gettin old...

I love this commercial. I think it's so cute. The wrinkles, the dancing, the song. Just precious. Makes me excited to get old... well, at least not as scared to get that old... thanks Kaiser!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

tea time

Twas tea time this past weekend... the ladies got together this past Sunday for a proper afternoon tea. The afternoon was filled with pinkie-lifting tea sipping, mini sandwiches and yummy desserts, and of course scones with jam and cream. Just lovely...

Monday, December 7, 2009

just shoot me...

Josh got a shot... the H1N1 shot to be exact. Best part? His Lightning McQueen band-aid burrowed in the arm hair... and he didn't even cry. He's such a big boy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


PS- the boots came in the mail yesterday. Oh. My. Word. SO soft (sorry cow!), so buttery, so comfortable, the color? perfection. LOVE THEM.

BUT (and yes, there is a but) I have realized that most of my skirts that are the length and style that I would wear with such perfect boots are all in the black/grey tones. (I know! So why order brown?? I just love the color!!) So... question of the day. Do I try to exchange for the black or keep the brown and accumulate a whole new wardrobe?

Josh says I can't buy a whole new wardrobe to match a shoe... but to him I say, well, why not?? If the shoe fits...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tree hugger

There's nothing that can beat the smell of a Christmas tree in your home during the holidays. My family used to put on our sweaters and snow boots and go cut our own tree - those were the days. Josh was a tree planter back in the day, so I justify getting a live tree because he's planted so many... it makes up for killing a tree... right? But I can't justify getting one of those cute little 3 foot trees because they're just babies!! They're like toddlers in the world of trees and weren't even allowed to grow to their full potential. Tree hugger, I know. But I can't kill the baby trees or even support it. But at the same time we don't want a gigantic tree filling our tiny living room... hmm.

We're not opposed to a fake tree... a GOOD fake tree... my parents now have a fake tree that actually looks and FEELS like a real tree. I'm fine with that. But the good fakes are VERY expensive. So... want to hear our solution?

This year, we'll be leaving the trees planted in the ground and the fakes in the stores and purchase a wreath made out of real pine branches so we get the smell of Christmas and then wait until the holiday season is OVER to get a killer deal on a real-looking fake tree!! Brilliant, no? :)