Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last time we went to Portland was for my brother's surprise 30th birthday party - Ruby was about 17 months old and Eleanor wasn't really even a thought in our heads. This time was for that same brother's wedding.

It was a "tweed" wedding and everyone decked out in their favorite tweed or vintage ensemble. Ruby was the flower girl and did great! The rehearsal all she did was run down the aisle to my mom and for the actual ceremony we actually had to go get her because she was taking so long to get down the aisle... that girl sure does know how to capture an audience! (sorry - below are all phone shots... in the dim lighting... not so clear).

The surprise of the night were the "Ukeladies" - a band of 10 woman all playing the ukuleles (one playing a base made out of a garbage can and broom while another played the washboard and kazoo... I kid you not). Here they are playing Like A Virgin. They were so awesome.

So great to be together with the family again... Ruby had a ball and Eleanor was just spoiled to the bone.

Before we flew home we were able to meet up with an old friend, Miss Maia! She just had a beautiful baby girl just shy of 2 months before we were in town and she was up to the challenge of hauling 2 girls under 2 to meet us at the museum. What a woman! :) Here are all the ladies at the museum in PDX. So great to see you, Maia!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sad, sick girls...

We have some sad, sick girls on our hands. We found out (through a trip to the ER!) that Ruby has a double ear infection with pretty swollen tonsils. This, I'm sure you can imagine, is not fun for an almost 3 year old. Lots of TV this past weekend, lots of snuggles (including getting coughed on and sneezed on... lovely), lots of books, lots of keeping Eleanor and Ruby separated, lots of crying, and lots of resting our bodies and fluids. It's been a LONG weekend to say the least.

Ruby slept through dinner last night (and tonight) and it was so surreal. It was the first time Josh and I had dinner at home without Ruby since she's been born! It felt like we were back to one kid where Josh and I could have a conversation and only have one other babe at the table.... and it was sad! Not sad that we got to talk, but the whole time we just kept saying "This is so weird. It just doesn't feel right..." and it's NOT right! Ruby is such a HUGE part of our family to have her down and out definitely takes its toll on all of us. Poor baby.

In other news, Ruby's a rockstar at swimming!

And Eleanor is growing up way too fast... she's sitting up, responding to her name, loving to gum anything she can get her hands on, making lots of sounds and noises, and moving around... man, time is flying with her.

We went to Portland for my brother's wedding... such a great time! More on that soon (I feel another blog post coming on... what?? 2 in a row!!)

Hoping these sweet girls get better soon.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eleanor's SEVEN months!

Well here we are... closer to 1 year old than a newborn. Crazy! Eleanor is becoming mobile... gone are the days of "hang out here" and I come back from unloading the dishes to find her in the EXACT same spot. No no. Now it's "hang out here" and I come back with a load of laundry and she's scooted her way off the mat towards one of Ruby's toys. She's sitting up very well and has such great posture... makes me self conscious of mine! Such a smiler. Loves to bounce and be "SUPER BABY!!" when we put her in the air like superman. Giggles with daddy's beard on her neck and loves the growling noises and "attack kisses" her mama gives her. But no one compares to big sis... that big sister can be in another room and as soon as E hears her coming, her eyes will search and search until she finds her and then, bam, huge smile. Loves that sis. Food... well, no food. She refuses! Gag reflex like non other. Ruby would chow food - anything we'd put in her mouth. Eleanor wants nothing to do with it and goes as far as throwing it up when we once snuck it in her mouth... no more of that! It honestly melts my heart when I watch Ruby and Eleanor play. Just this morning Ruby was singing Eleanor songs took a toy from her mouth and when I asked her not to do that she replied, "But mama, I want to see her smile at me... she's happy I'm her best friend!" to which Eleanor smiled. Oh man... pass the tissues!!

Sassy sisters!!

Ruby at 7 months...