Wednesday, September 29, 2010

impulse purchase...

So about a week ago I saw on a fellow blogger's page that C&C California t-shirts were on sale... for babies. Shut the front door. C&C Ts were the original long, thin, layering t-shirts. Imagine long (no belly showing), super thin, super soft t-shirts in amazing colors that were made to layer and mix and match with their plethora of colors. They're fabulous. But for babies? Yes please. Normally a BABY t-shirt is $30. I know. Josh would kill me. On sale? $5.00!!!

I immediately went to the website to beat the crowds. "I have to go get them before they sell out!" I put 6 in my cart - a mix of long and short sleeves in a rainbow of colors in 6 month and above sizes... Phew. Impulse purchase over...

Now obsession takes over. "What if she wants one when she's 2?? What about at 18 months?? I need to get more." So I then call customer service, explain my dilemma, and she says if I just call back with the colors and sizes I want, she'll add them to my order so I don't have to pay shipping again. Lifesaver. I add 4 more.

Last night we had all 10 t-shirts show up and they are AMAZING. PERFECT. SO SOFT. Perfect for our little angel... and it's a good thing I got more and in bigger sizes because these perfect t-shirts run on the smaller side (Josh: "Of course they do. They're designer. They're meant to make people feel fat..." Oh Josh. Don't be bitter). In fact, Miss Ruby wore the 6-9 month t-shirt today and, well, it fits! So if you had a bigger baby (i.e. average sized baby), you may be out of luck with your 10 new C&C t's... lucky for me my petite little lady will have plenty of t-shirt layering ahead of her...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm kinda a big deal...

Ruby here. So yesterday I rolled over by myself. Both mom and dad were there... they cheered and clapped and made a big deal about it. I just stared at them thinking "What the...??" but apparenlty that was the first step to me being mobile. Look out bottom drawers everywhere... here I come!

Oh yeah - I'm feeling MUCH better. Still a little stuffy, but for the most part, A Okay.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

not one, but two...

I have two sick babies at home... I came back from farmer's market to this scene:

Ruby came down with a cold on Friday. There are only 3 other kids at her daycare so I thought her chances of getting sick were pretty slim... But alas. A runny nose, congestion, a mild fever, and an increase in sneezes. Poor thing.

Josh woke up this morning asking me to put socks on his feet, saying his throat hurt. Great. TWO sick babies for me to take care of (while running on my already minimal sleep...). Babies - get better!

Here's Ruby sucking down some sugar water. Doctor's orders! No lie! We called the on-call doctor and she said Ruby could be getting dehydrated because of her fever and because it's harder for her to nurse with a stuffy nose... so she suggested 2-3 ounces of water with 1/2 a tsp of sugar. She was wary at first, but now she's in love. That girl's gotta sweet tooth like her mama...

Friday, September 24, 2010

one year ago today...

... the doctor told us that little lima bean on the ultrasound would be due on May 10th... and on May 4th, a tad bit early, our lives changed forever.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random ramblings...

Saw this halloween costume - from Pottery Barn...

So cute, right? Saw it on eBay for $100!! One hundred dollars for a costume that the baby will wear for about 45 minutes! 6 month olds don't go trick or treating!! My word, people... that's ridiculous.

Every week Josh and I alternate Ruby Tuesdays... Ruby doesn't go into daycare on Tuesdays so either Josh or I get to stay home and play with the Rubester. It's wonderful. Yesterday was Josh's turn. Apparently she was an angel baby. Slept all on her own, was super giggly, practiced tummy time, did her "sit ups" to work out those abs... she's such a champ.

We're looking into highchairs. Spoon-feeding season is right around the corner... ish...

And most importantly and noteworthy... guess who is wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans today? Woo woo! It's amazing how your body changes post-pregnancy. I still have a ways to go, but thankfully am making progress... just gotta keep trucking.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Sometimes Ruby chilaxs on our bed and stares out the window. It's her zen zone.

(Don't pay attention to the unmade bed and messy room... focus on the half naked baby....)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

baby bootcamp

It's bootcamp around these parts... because we FINALLY have 3 solid weeks of no guests, weddings, or traveling (a first since before Ruby was born!) we have decided to start baby bootcamp. Ruby is learning to fall asleep on her own. And the learning is hard sometimes - but she's already getting so much better!

Thursday. Night 1 of bootcamp. An hour. And hour of constant whining/crying. SO HARD. I actually woke up the next morning assuming she was going to be so angry at me, but low and behold, she didn't remember a thing and was as smiley as can be. This isn't so bad...

Night 2. Down, 45 seconds of crying then out for the night. What? She's the fastest learner ever.

Day 3. Naptime. One nap while driving around (cheating) and the next was 5 wah wahs and she's out. Yes please.
Night 3. Down, a tiny "wwwaaahhh" and we didn't hear from her again until 3:30AM. Man. We are REALLY good at this.

Today - I jinxed myself. Naptime. Down, 7 minutes of crying, sleep for 10, cry for 2, sleep for 20, SCREAM for 10 (we picked her up, check the diaper, calmed her down and put her back down), and still sleeping (about 45 minutes and counting)...

So there we have it. Our goal is to have her be able to soothe herself without us or the pacifier helping her along with that. We figure better to do this while she's little little... then she REALLY won't remember it and it'll help out while at daycare with naptimes. So wish us luck.

On another note - I'm going through a body bootcamp for myself. Get rid of those last 10 lbs! Ugh. Wish ME luck...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

oh. my. cuteness.

I HAVE to make this for Ruby's first Halloween! HAVE TO! Who's going to help me sew??

Sunday, September 12, 2010

last of the season.

... and breathe! The last of the weddings have come and gone. We had 2 weddings to attend yesterday. One at noon and one at 5:00. It was a VERY FULL day which ended at 9:30 when we came home and pretty much passed out. These photos are, again, thanks to the lovely Auntie Kim. I think I figured out why we always forget our camera - I mean, we always forgot it before but now we have a bus full of baby stuff to haul around so it's just one more thing that could possibly lose to the baby black hole if we bring it outside of our house. I think I'm going to stick the point and shoot in our diaper bag... then we'll always have it. Brilliant!

As noted before, the bus load of stuff for the baby...

It got COLD at the second wedding... hat time!

Mom and dad relaxed. Our friends love to hold Ruby, which gives us time for a breather/wine.
Father/daughter first dance... precious...

Katie meeting Ruby for the first time. Priceless.
Standing girl!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

FOUR months!

This growing lady is learning and exploring. She has her hands in her mouth all the time, is quite the little talker/squalker, and is a smiling machine. She's darn close to rolling over and wants to be sitting up like a big girl as much as she possibly can. She's exploring her world and is so smart!

Saturday, September 4, 2010 op ed piece

Hello, Ruby Dunlop here, guest reporter for The Daily Dunlop. This past week and a half, my Grandma and Grandpa Dunlop were in town... it was mommy's first week back at work... and I turned 4 months. There's just so much to report on before naptime!

As I said, my grandma and grandpa came all the way from Canada to see me! We mainly hung out here and listened to music and played games, but one time we went over to their hotel and I sat by the pool with mom. I was mesmerized by the shiny water! I think grandma and grandpa had a really good time with me. They always seemed so happy to see me!!

Dad tried to take some pictures of me with them but I'm too much of a wiggle worm and some of them came out a little fuzzy... maybe we can get some from grandma and grandpa's camera - they sure were taking a lot of pictures of me!

Now that I'm getting big and strong and know that I have hands (I have hands!), mom is letting me do some of the blogging! So hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!

I'm getting a little tired. See how I'm acting here. I'll let mom handle the 4 month old photoshoot... being cute is so exhausting! Off to bed...