Monday, April 29, 2013

Eleanor's NINE months!

Eleanor is rounding third base to being 1 year old! And I'm happy to say she's turned a corner with food!! Eleanor now cannot get enough food in her mouth fast enough. FINALLY! She has one bottom tooth poking through (another one as of today!) and is an army crawling machine. She's definitely going through a growth spurt currently. Eating and sleeping like a boss! She's trying SO HARD to crawl on those knees of hers and is so close! That said, she'd rather be standing while holding onto fingers. I keep putting her back down to crawl. One thing at a time, Eleanor! We lowered her crib, put away the "baby toys" and packed up the smaller clothes. She is just about the happiest baby you ever did see... and always happy happy and showing that toothy grin! Happy 9 months, E!

Ruby at nine months... opposite front tooth popping through!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cousin cuteness...

Joey, Lindsey, and Kayleigh were in town for spring break. We took the whole week off and were able to spend the entire week with our dear friends. It. Was. Wonderful. I (hopefully) will post more later on it with iPhone pics, but here are a few from the real camera. Oh man. So cute.

And matching jammies... Beware: cuteness overload.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Eleanor's EIGHT months!

Eleanor is 8 months old! Oh my word. She's getting so big and is CRAWLING. WHAT?? Not knees and hands crawling, but army crawling all over and everytime she moves I just think to myself, "Man. Life is about to get crazy..." She's in love with that little tongue of hers and sticks it out all the time. She has the CUTEST little gummy grin and shows it off quite often. When she gets excited, she will grab anything that is close (mainly faces) and shove it into her mouth and chomp on it. She also is starting to squeal. It's adorable. Still not into food... she's fed herself a puff or two here and there and sucks on big chunks of apple or carrots, but as for purees, not so much. She is wriggly! It's hard to document these monthly photos now because she's constantly moving and about 90% of the photos I have are blurs... but here we go: 8 months documented!

Ruby at 8 months...