Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eleanor's TWO months!

Eleanor is 2 months old! She is smiling - although, after looking at Ruby's 2 month old shots (linked below), Eleanor seems quite stingy with them, saving them only for mom and dad... come on E - show the world that gummy smile!! She's also starting to exercise her voice a bit more (crying she has down... I'm talking the precious coos... again, see linked video of Ruby). In looking at her film from her 2 month shot (PS - totally just sounded like Tyra on ANTM... PS - did you know that show still exists? Ahh... the joys of nursing at 3AM...), I noticed 3 things: 1. about 90% of all my shots were blurry... wiggly thing! 2. she has double chins for days (adorbs) and 3. she is quite suspicious of this camera thing... apparently she hasn't seen the camera nearly as much as Ruby did in her first 2 months of life. Huh. Imagine that. (Hey - I was a second child too! It happens!) Life with 2 little ones can be a little bit overwhelming at times, but for the most part is so wonderful and full of life! E is starting to figure out her own schedule and is becoming more and more predictable which makes errands/planning out our days a little easier. Ruby still loves "Biano" ("baby Eleanor" all smushed together in toddler speak) so so much and HAS to be next to her constantly. In this photo shoot, she was kinda over it, but really - she just adores her.

Ruby at two months... and here... and a bonus...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

sista sista!

Ruby has asked me to take her picture with Eleanor 2 Fridays in a row... so maybe (for the duration of my maternity leave) I will start a sista-sista Friday post. No promises, but I'll try. I mean - come on - how precious!

This one cracks me up... oh Ruby...

Friday, September 7, 2012

what a week...

Ruby has been going to daycare 3 days a week for awhile now... and we decided to keep it up while I'm home with Eleanor in order to give me some space and sanity - (plus, if we pull her, we lose our spot and then are out of luck come November when I go back to work...) This past week, daycare was on "summer break" so Ruby was home with me. For some ridiculous reason I decided this would also be the week to transition Eleanor to her crib for naptimes. What. A. Mistake.

See - E has 2 kinds of cries. One is the coo/whine kind of noise. It's actually kinda cute to be honest. She's just telling you she's a little uncomfortable or "Hey mom - Ruby is using my arms as conductor sticks..." No biggie. And her other cry is this bone shaking, nerve shattering SCREAM. It makes your heart beat so fast and gives you this sense of urgency that makes you want to snap at innocent 2 year old stand bys... This is the cry she does when I put her down for her naps. Every. Single. Time. Which makes playing with an energetic and demanding 2 year old a little difficult. We're working through it. Each day gets better and better and I think it will continue... I have hope! Plus - this weekend Josh is home so I have reinforcements...

What's on your weekend's radar? I'm snuggling with these two...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nonna's visit

Eleanor started smiling the day Nonna came to visit... coincidence? I think not! My mom came out to meet little E and play with Ruby last week. She left on Monday and since then Ruby has asked for her every day... she's a tough act to follow! We love you, Nonna!

My mom also made a video... check it out!