Saturday, November 26, 2011

friday fall foto

Just because. It's fall. It was Friday. It was gorgeous... LOVE fall!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

so thankful...

This year was a quiet little Thanksgiving. Just me and my 2 babes. Thankful we were. Walks we took. Eat we did. Skype we conquered. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

pick up the slack Sunday

Seriously? November 5th? That's the last time I posted?? Well, I guess I'll summarize...
  • Ow. "Ow" is the big word of the moment. She drops a book. "Ow!" She tries to lift a heavy book. "Ow!" She can't fit the shape into the puzzle. "Ow!" She did happen to fall this weekend and bumped her lip/nose pretty good and said "Ow!" and my response was "Now THAT'S the right context!"... you know, after being sympathetic and all... :)
  • She runs. She runs all over all the time. She runs and screams and runs more and screams more. She's so entertaining! We facetimed with Joey and Lindsey the other night and they got to witness it. Pretty awesome.
  • Her vocabulary is sky rocketing... I just can't understand any of it. I'm already bad at deciphering accents in general, throw in toddler non-english and I'm just confused. But I have to say, I just love when she talks and talks and talks to me and all her inflections, and hand motions, and adorable little babbles. She's so freaking cute.
  • We made it out of daylight savings pretty unscathed. There were 3-4 days of 5/5:30 wake up calls, but now we're back to our good ol 6:45.
  • She's really good at saying "cheeeeeese!!" when she sees the camera... all on her own.
  • Our after dinner routine is to strip off her shirt, let her run around screaming. She eventually wants to go up in her crib and then asks both of us to come in. We both probably could fit, but haven't tried... but each of us has sat in that crib with her, the other throws the stuffed animals back into the crib as she throws them out... it's quite a scene.
  • Josh and I are obsessed with Parenthood. That has nothing to do with Ruby - we're obsessed with the show Parenthood. Oh man.

She's wonderful... but of course you already knew that. I promise I'll try to post more!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

EIGHTEEN months!

"How old is your daughter?" "A year and a half..." Did I just answer "a year and a half??" WHAT?? A year and a half. Crazy.
This girl is AMAZING. So funny. So smart. So cute! Yesterday I said "We need to do laundry, Ruby!" and she grabbed an armful of her dirty clothes, took them to the washer, and got on her tippy tippy toes to try to put them in the machine. She's a doll... AND a helper! She's still really into books. Loves to say "BYYYYE!!" when someone puts on their jacket or starts up a car engine. New words and sounds are coming daily and she adores hide and go seek/chasing games... it's hard to imagine that the 2 year mark is now closer than the 1 year mark... we have an official toddler on our hands! She's our whole world and we adore every slobbery kiss she gives us!