Monday, June 28, 2010

best. night. ever.

Okay. Well, that title may be a little overkill, but that's how I felt this morning after Ruby slept from 9:30 to 4:30! Straight! Not one peep or need for a soother or anything. She just slept. Which meant I slept from about 9:34 to 4:30. Oh. My. Word. I haven't slept 7 hours straight since before she was born. It was a miracle. She's my favorite child right now... :)

Sidenote: I am NOT jinxing this by posting about it because I fully understand it could be a fluke and may not happen again for awhile. I'm admitting that. Therefore I cannot jinx it. (although I do kinda expect it to happen again. No pressure, Ruby. Just make it happen...)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

only four? really?

Today marks Josh and my four year anniversary... and to both of us it seems a lot longer. Not that kind of "seems longer" that people say when they're enduring some sort of painful activity ("Man... it only took 5 minutes for my bikini wax, but it seemed a lot longer...") but it just seems like we've lived so much life together it's crazy to think it's only been 4 years. We've lived abroad and traveled New Zealand together, we've moved from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area and adjusted to that, we've freaking had a baby... Feels like 5 years. Maybe even 6. But 4 it is... and a wonderful 4 it's been.

I already told Josh though... year 5=milestone year. We are dropping off Ruby at the grandparents and going somewhere where I can lounge around and order myself a cocktail. Yes please. Happy fourth, baby!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a reason to celebrate...

I woke up this morning and was able to say "Happy Father's Day" to Josh!! So crazy and yet so exciting. Ruby LOVES her dad. Maybe she likes all the funny faces and voices he makes with her... maybe it's his mesmerizing glasses that she stares at all the time and now tries to grab... but maybe, just maybe she can sense just how much he adores her - because he does... A LOT.

Happy Father's Day, Josh!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Auntie and Uncle Olsen...

On Saturday Ruby had her first road trip. A mini road trip/day trip, but alas, a milestone. I, of course, overpacked. 7 hours at the Olsens calls for 10 diapers and 3 changes of clothes, right? But she did well... a 45 minute drive and new surroundings and she was a champ. I think it was because she got to spend some quality time with her Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Joey...

The car ride home and the evening time were a different story. Most of the way home Josh was driving on those bumps in between lanes to create a rythmic vibration so she'd stop crying... she calmed down eventually, but it was a long 45 minutes. And then that night. Man. She was either beyond tired from all the newness of the day or I ate something that made her tummy ache. Either way... it was quite the night. It's alright... that was then. Today was a different story - she was wonderful. Napping (which is new for her... you think babies actually sleep during the day? No no no. Not this one...), no big crying fits... she = lovely... per usual. Ugh - we just love her so much!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Papa John...

Papa John and Onna Donna were out this past week. Unfortunately Papa John is a swayer with Ruby (which is why she LOVES her Papa), and all our pictures were a little blurry... but still precious nonetheless. Guess you're just going to have to come back out and visit Papa so we can do another photoshoot!! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

catch up... one month

I love hooking up the camera to the computer. All these pictures come up that I totally forgot we took! Here's a mish-mash of pictures from the past 2 weeks... mainly from her 1 month old photo shoot. I'm excited to document her month by month to see all her changes - Seeing her day to day I don't really notice the changes, but it will be fun to look back over the months and see the leaps and bounds she's grown!

Ummm... please notice the socks below...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ruby had her first bath yesterday... let me re-phrase... her first REAL bath (we've done sponge baths before this... don't worry - she's not like growing a fuzzy layer or anything...). Here are some shots from her sponge bath times:

Ruby = NOT having it. She got rubbed down with a warm washcloth but then got cold because it's hard to cover a squirming, kicking baby while trying to clean her at the same time.

Now, enter a warm bath and Ruby is a little taken aback at first but then just soaks it in. I have a feeling bathtime will be a good time of day for Ruby, (Sidenote: ignore my high pitched baby talk voice. Hello annoying! And I'm not so sure Ruby even likes it!!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

eye candy...

While I could stare are Ruby all day, here is something to break up the 24 hour baby-ness around here. My mom designs t-shirts. Rad t-shirts. And recently she won an editorial photo shoot by a local AMAZING photographer. You can see the whole shoot on the photographer's website here and here.

Okay - now... if you order a t-shirt from my mom's etsy store, they will NOT come all cut up and distressed like in the shoot (although, if I had the body, why not and how fun??), but you will get lots of compliments and will love your new addition to your wardrobe... ask Josh. He wears his ALL the time! Afterall, he is a model for the Burger Tee...

Get $5 off your DOTS (Dressing on the Side) T-shirt!! Use the code "Ruby$5" when you check out and get $5 refunded to you via PayPal... What a steal! Thanks Ruby (and Onna...)!!