Sunday, February 28, 2010

best news today...

We are getting a Willow Glen Fro Yo and Ice Cream Co... right in downtown Campbell. This is 1/2 the distance away from the current one and totally walkable. Oh man. This means walking to fro yo (with stroller) = no guilt. Me = STOKED. We may have done the happy dance in the middle of Farmers Market this morning when we saw the "Coming Soon" sign... it's THAT good!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Meet Quatchi. He was graciously sent to us from his homeland of Vancouver, BC, Canada via way of the Hui household... The Hui's were lucky enough to go to the Winter Olympics this year and I requested a little friend be sent back with them if he could manage his way into their luggage with all of Molly's cute outfits. Luckily, Quatchi made it. And I love him. And he and Josh watch the Olympics together... in fact, reflected in Josh's glasses is **spoiler alert** Canada winning the SILVER in women's curling. I know. You all were just on the edge of your seats wondering who won women's curling - Sweden or Canada... well, sorry if I ruined it. But it was the Sweeds. Josh (and Quatchi) were pissed.

*** Thanks Leslie!! ***

Thursday, February 25, 2010

so the next time we're here...

Josh and I took a tour of the labor and delivery ward at O'Connor Hospital on Tuesday night. They offer tours every week and we decided it would be fun to go take a look. Pretty much one of the weirdest feelings ever -- walking into the hospital thinking "Next time we're doing this we'll be coming in because we're in labor..." Crazy!! But it was fun to see the actual delivery rooms and Mom/Baby wing and even some of the little babies that were just delivered.
And - to put the cherry on top - I saw a couple of the anesthesiologists I work with (they are based out of O'Connor, but outsource to my work every day...) and they all had kind words to say to me as we passed through the hallways... I felt pretty VIP that I already knew some of the doctors... :)

Afterwards we made it a date night and went out for burgers and shakes. All in all a really great night... one that got me really excited about this whole process. I have a doc appt on Monday and then I have to start going in every other week (instead of just once a month)... time sure is flying by!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

lovin the oven...

This weekend is a baking kind of weekend. It's cloudy, a little chilly, somewhat rainy... the perfect storm for a baking extravaganza!! I'm in a "well I'll just make it and freeze it" kinda mood lately... maybe maternal instinct to fill up the freezer for easy to make meals/snacks later on! I'm so prepared - I even sent out Josh yesterday for my list of ingredients and a bundt pan! I'm so excited to own a bundt pan!!

On the menu? Banana bread (most likely to be frozen). Monkey bread (I feel like I've had this before, but even if I haven't it looks SO DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS). Cookies - peanut butter or choc chip - haven't decided (again - to freeze... or not...). And then I suppose I should think of our dinner or other more savory things to make as well.

Have a happy weekend and come on over if you're in the mood for some baked love!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the hair.

Is it bad that I would trade hair with Shaun White?? Gold medal? Take it or leave it. Triple pike 1080 spins 30 feet in the air on a snowboard? Yawn. His hair - I can't stop looking at it! It's just so pretty! HE may look like Carrot Top, but his hair? It's so healthy and full... I need to stop obsessing...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a thousand words...

We had to take some portrait shots for homework assignment #2 in our Photography 101 class... Portrait, profile, etc... I was taking some straight on shots of Josh (documenting his inner Tyra) and happen to make him laugh. Unfortunately my shutter speed was a little slow, but I really love this shot. Look past the blur, but isn't he precious? Love that Joshy...

And then for fun - not for homework, I felt it time for a baby bump update... I'm getting huge!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

rub me.

How was your Valentines Day? Many engorge on chocolates, some receive flowers, others watch sappy movies and dine on fancy (overpriced) food... Me? I had a full on girls day.

Me and 3 ladies from my Westmont days brunched, shopped, movie'd (Valentine's Day - the movie - of course), and, most importantly - spa'd. It was fabulous. I'm now obsessed with baths... Love them and want to be in them all the time. First pregnancy massage... chalk that one up on the memory board. And much needed facial... Now I have a pregnancy AND pumpkin enzyme facial glow.

Much to our surprise, we were welcomed home by a delicious heart shaped tart from MY one and only Valentine. That Josh. So thoughtful. It was a fabulous V-day...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shake it, baby!

Lil lop was definitely movin and groovin last night. And although Josh has felt her move before, I still get teary eyed when he puts his hands on my belly and all of a sudden gets that surprised, wide-eyed, big smile look and says "I felt her!" In fact, the first time Josh felt her move he said, "Baby and I are connecting!" - too precious.

Those are some of my favorite pregnancy moments.

Belly shots to come... I promise...

Monday, February 8, 2010

photography 101

We got a grown up camera for Christmas this year... but without a clue as to what any of the buttons mean or how to work the damn thing, it's basically a really expensive paper weight. So Josh and I signed up for some photography classes in the city with a professional photographer. It's a class of about 15-20 and we meet for 3 weeknights in February and one lighting studio class on a Saturday where we get to play with lighting and models and figure out all that Nigel Barker stuff.

First class was last Wednesday. SO OVERWHELMING. It was the technical class. It was the "why this button is really important from a technical standpoint" kinda class which is all the science and technology behind it... what what I need is for someone to dumb it down! This button will make your pictures focused in front, and fuzzy in the back. Perfect. Done. Not this whole F-spot that effects your shutter speed by 3 whole light sections and ISO such and such. But, that said, I suppose this stuff is perfect for the "good to know" section of the brain but not necessarily the "need to fully understand and utilize all the time" section...

We had some homework to do (I know! Pressure!). The competitive A-student in me has already had her meltdown. There are no grades assigned although we will be taking a look at the best of the best and worst of the worst this upcoming Wednesday. I HAVE to be in the best of the best. I have to win! Oh goodness... Here are some samples of Josh and I's work. Anyone want to purchase one for $100,000?? Come on! It will appreciate in value over time...

Think about it... :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

just... keep... eating...

I cannot get food in my mouth fast enough these days...

This morning I woke up STARVING at 5:30. I got out of bed, had a bite sized blueberry muffin from TJs, and got right back into bed until 6:30. I'm snacking and sleeping. Ridiculous! Pregnancy's funny like that I suppose...

Speaking of - went do the doctor yesterday and got confirmation that our little bun in the oven is indeed Lil LADY Lop. So excited!!