Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A memorable weekend indeed...

This was our first official holiday since being back in the states. So we were very anxious to celebrate... what to do. what to do. Well, we decided on a fun day in Santa Cruz... filled with foodie highlights and lots of outdoor fun.

We were set to leave at 7am on Saturday to beat traffic... after sleeping in until 9, it became more of a 9:30am start time. Whoops. But totally worth it because there was no traffic afterall. A quick trip down the 17 and we were in familiar Scott's Valley. More specifically, Rocky's. A favorite breakfast place of Josh and I. After our usual (Greek omelet and blueberry pancakes... split 30/70) we made our way to Wilder Ranch for some hiking.

Wilder Ranch is just off the 1 along the Pacific Ocean. We'd never been here before but heard some good things about it, so we went for it. Our hike led us to a fabulous look-out at then the trail kinda took a turn for the wild... we basically needed a machete to get through the tall grasses. It definitely was the trail less traveled. But that has it's perks... what we thought was a mountain lion creeping us in the bushes turned out to be Bambi! So that was a fun surprise...

Our next stop was my all time favorite lunch spot - Zoccoli's. YUM! The Greek Feta is my signature sandwich. Paired with some lemonade - perfection. Josh ventured out for the muffeletta with his standard Arizona Iced Tea.

Next on the list. The Buttery. The buttery made our wedding cake and I'm not just being biased but it was the best wedding cake ever. Their carrot cake? I die. SO fabulous. So 2 cupcakes were in order.

We took our findings and headed off to Skyline Park for an impromptu picnic. Laying in the sun, barefoot, watching the kids play baseball with dad and the dog play fetch over and over and over in the perfect breeze... now THAT's a holiday!

The best part about this trip - it made us realize that we don't need a 3 day weekend to go and play in Santa Cruz! It's so close! We could go every Saturday if we wanted - Monday off or not! And you know what? I think we will...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

feels like home...

So Josh and I have been consumed by our TV friends. FNL (or Friday Night Lights for those of you poor souls that have not been exposed) just released season 3 on DVD Tuesday and it's the last season Josh and I need to catch up. We only have 3 episodes left - which we WILL watch tonight. I've laughed. I've cried (and - this is HUGE - Josh even got teary at one point. What?? He didn't even cry at our wedding!! That's how you know this show is AMAZING.). I've shared in their awkward teen moments. I've witnessed their hardships. And I've said numerous times "Oh, Tyra...". I feel like I'm their friend! When we heard that intro music for the first time after our long hiatus, it felt like going home.

Now I'm going to speak to those of you that have not fallen in love with such numbers as 33, 7, 20, 6, or 85. This isn't just a teeny bopper, all about the gossip, pointless drama show that I thought it was before watching. There are themes and emotions and moments that are so far beyond the highschool setting. Plus. Riggins wears tight jeans and cowboy boots. Hello! Give it a shot. Trust me. It's SO worth it. You WILL fall in love with Coach (and Riggins... and Saracen... and Landry for that matter...).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Josh = we don't need no stinkin' Pottery Barn!

Another project a la Josh. Josh has made us a headboard. I know! How talented is that man of mine??!!? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one (I was shocked at how expensive they can be!), we made one for about $70!

MDF wood for frame - $25

Fabric, batting - $30

Foam - $15

I told Josh he wasn't allowed to count his time into the cost of the project because it's for HIS bed... unless he was paying to use it, he can't count that as a part of the expense... right? Anyway. Josh = mostly rugged manly tool man but with a little Martha mixed in. Go Josh!

(you can't really see the color but it's a sandy goldish twill fabric - it has a cool texture to it...)

Now we just need some artwork... Oh, Josh!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

what a weekend.

I'm ready for another Saturday... our weekends were crazy - very different, but crazy. Our dear friends Lindsey and Joey are getting married in less than 6 weeks now and Josh and I are both in the wedding - Fun! This weekend was their individual nights of debauchery!! Or, well, nights of fun. I can't speak on behalf of the boys, but us girls had some fun...

We started out at White Crane Winery. After some tastings of CHILLED whites (it was nearly 100 degrees) we made our way over to the main vineyard house for presents and snacks and some sparkling... After a vineyard backdrop photoshoot, we made our way back to Laurel's for dinner, outfit change, drinks, and dancing... Livemore treated us well... I'm willing to show you a few shots of our shirts, but the rest of the evening is being kept in the vault...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Impromptu weekend!

This post is much delayed, but nonetheless, here it is! LB came up due to the fires in SB and we had a blast! I'll give you the brief low down:

Friday. LB arrives. Josh makes his super fantastico pizza. A little vino and garden fresh salad = perfection. Fro Yo to follow.

Saturday. BFast at Los Gatos Cafe. Biggest bfast EVER. A stroll around Los Gatos, some window shopping, and then a trip to IKEA. LB purchased some classic pieces to complete her new room and then we headed out to Aqui for some yummy margs. Went over to Katie Blooms pub for a drink and was creeped out by old creepy Kevin and lesbian wanted-to-be-my lover in plether pants. Endless entertainment.

Sunday. Chad-o, LB, myself and Josh strolled the farmer's market, got ourselves some fresh pastries and hit up a local coffee shop. A wonderful end to a wonderful weekend.

Thanks LB for making the trip up and the happy faced vino! We're like 7-11 and open anytime so come back again! (Well, except for the slurpie part... and the bad lighting... and all the junk food for sale... or the sometimes creepy workers... okay. We're nothing like 7-11, but do come again!!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sleepin around.

PS - Don't you love the pillows?!?! I'm in love with the yellow and grey combo if I do say so myself...

We have made our biggest purchase as a married couple TO DATE! Cleo was a big purchase for us, but I'm not sure if that counts because what we bought her for we got back when we sold it... plus, it was in NZ dollars which is basically like paying in possum fur...

But we are now the proud owners of a sleeper sofa! We have a second bedroom that we're using as an office (which is currently only used for Josh's XBox addiction) and wasn't big enough for a full-time bed, but is big enough for a couch that can turn into a bed. After staying at Shane and Anna's in Santa Barbara, we knew we had to get whatever they had - it was so comfortable! No bars poking through, no springs out of place. It was fabulous. They warned us that they definitely paid for that little piece of heaven and after doing our research, yes they did! BUT, we're looking at it as an investment -- plus, every part of it is under warranty so if something does go wrong we're told they'll fix it - whenever, whatever, for the life of the couch. So that's nice.

Anyway - we shopped around and ended up getting it at a little local store. The man was a typical salesman and Josh totally ate it up. He's Canadian. He hasn't been tainted with the American "everyone's out to get you" mentality yet. We got him down to nearly 1/2 the retail price (which is SO over inflated, but whatever) and had it delivered Monday!

House guest!

Santa Barbara's loss is our gain - Tonight we will be having our first houseguest!! Due to the horrific fires in Santa Barbara, the air has become unbreathable for our dear friend Laura... she needs some fresh air. Some serious fresh air. And Campbell, California has her name written all over it! So as of tonight, we will have our first houseguest! Bring it on Laura!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Caught GREY handed...

So we actually SAW the culprit stealing our strawberries... an evil, puffy tailed grey squirrel...

Saturday morning we opened the blinds in our bedroom and saw the little scoundrel kicking around the dirt in our garden... suspiciously close to our strawberries. We turn our heads for like 5 seconds and when we look back we see him on top of the fence with a little red gem in his hands... chomping away at OUR strawberry! I may have yelled profanities at the little devil... maybe.

Josh is on a mission.
Get Brad's pellet gun.
Stake out in our bedroom with removed screen and window open.
Shoot squirrel while doing the deed... (and not THAT deed... the whole stealing deed... come on!)

Now. Don't get all PETA on me - he STOLE our strawberries! Don't be deceived by his charming stuffed cheeks or his little hands that are so cute when he holds his little STOLEN stawberry up to his little tiny mouth... he's a criminal. And we live by the law here at casa Dunlop. We'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I think I can... I think I can...

This is not me... for many reasons. Main reason this is not me? Because this ripped, shirtless, skinny-thigh'd runner does not look like she's going to die (oh yeah - and her name is Carrie. Duh.). Who knows - maybe she has just started her run... doubtful, but I think I'm gonna tell myself that...
Anyway - no. This is not me. I'm more like this poor soul:

This was pretty much what I looked like on Saturday after Josh and I's little jaunt through the neighborhood. I like running with Josh every now and again... it's fun to have someone to join me (even though we wear our headphones the whole time...). I'm not sure if the feeling is totally mutual - afterall, his slow is my fast, but he's almost always willing to humor me with a jog and it really does help me keep up my speed. He's a good pace setter for me - he'll go slow enough for me to trail behind him, but still is fast enough that I have to kick it up a notch to keep up. Saturday was my longest run to date - 4 miles.

The 10K is a little more than a month away, but I feel I have much more to work on. Namely, speed. I like my 5.2 on the treadmill. That's pretty much someone's fast walk - but for me, this is a comfortable pseudo-run. I have been encouraged by my 10k teammates to bump it up to a 5.5 while on the treadmill to get used to that pace... so I'm trying to get comfortable at that speed before the big day. Wish me luck... and maybe in a month I'll be this girl:
... but with a shirt... :)