Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eleanor's SIX months!

Eleanor is half a year old already... stop growing, baby!!! Be little and cuddly forever!!! She is just a little cuddle bug, this one. She loves to snuggle up and just be with people. She lights up when you walk in the room - seriously - pure joy beams from that little face and you feel like a million bucks. She is starting the sitting up process... doesn't quite fold in half when you let her be, but also can't keep in the sitting position, so we're currently 1/2 way there. She's started eating solids... cereal, sweet potatoes, and apples have been tried so far (ps - so funny how different baby #2 is... I just popped that food right in her mouth but with Ruby it was this methodical, well thought through, and very strict process... just watch, E will be chowing on steak next week!). She adores her sister, loves playing with those connecting rings and bathtime, is a fairly good sleeper, and currently is going through a mini growth spurt. Overall, just a doll!

And look - Twinsies!! They fit in the same dress, but have a 3 month age difference on them. And can you believe how much hair Ruby had at that age?? E better start growing some hair if she wants to keep up with big sis!

Ruby's six month photo shoot here...again, I can't get over Ruby's hair!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year Recap!

Well, I've almost gone a month without blogging. I think about it often but just can't get around to actually sitting down and blogging! Here's a summary of sorts:

Ruby still says "Happy Holidays!" as she sees me off to work. She REALLY liked the holiday season. This year we stayed here (BLISS!). No traveling. No airports. No carseats to lug around. My whole family came here and stayed in a home not 5 minutes from ours. It was wonderful. So wonderful to see them and yet so wonderful to still have our own space. Ruby opened presents the whole week. Having Nonna and Papa and 2 sets of aunties/uncles bring gifts galore can spoil a 2 year old! So Ruby will probably say "Happy Holidays!" for quite some time... :)

Christmas morning was a funny time. We set out the cookies, milk, and carrots before Ruby went to bed. We explained the whole Santa thing and she got it. It clicked. She understood. So Christmas morning when she woke up and there was a bite missing from the cookie and the  milk was gone and the carrots were 1/2 eaten, she yelled "Santa came!" So we thought, "Oh man. When she turns that corner and sees all her presents, she's going to be so excited!" She turned the corner and... she cried. Cried because she wanted NOTHING to do with it.We had to carry her past the presents/tree to the kitchen to convince her to eat breakfast and slowly open her stocking gifts. Too much pressure for a 2 year old apparently...

I'm trying to teach Eleanor "Mama"... she's babbling up a storm and I'm pushing for mama as a first word contender. Shhh... don't tell Josh.

New years was celebrated at 8:30PM with smore's and friends. Girls were in bed shortly after and then Josh and I had a mini Wonder Years marathon and in bed by 11PM. Happy Wild New Year! 

Auntie Sam came into town for an afternoon this past weekend. So so so wonderful to see her. Like any true Auntie, she had plenty of apps on her phone for the toddler folk and Ruby was definitely a fan. Can't wait to see her again - hopefully sooner than later!

Eleanor loves to "fall" with daddy... Josh, while holding her, does a mini free fall with her and she giggles giggles giggles. But Ruby still has the magic touch - anything she does can bring a huge grin to that sweet baby's face! She's nearing sitting up on her own and loves to lock her legs and "stand" for surprisingly long periods of time. She's growing up so fast!

My picture taking days seem to be in the past... but I'll try to keep up one way or another!