Monday, July 29, 2013

Eleanor's ONE YEAR!

Eleanor is a year old!! How on earth is that possible??!? AND, how is it that just one month ago she only had 2 teeth and was just pulling herself up and today she has 8 teeth and is attempting RUNNING. I kid you not. This girl started walking 2 weeks ago and is already trying to speed it up. Ruby runs fast - someone feels the need to catch her!! This girl is all over the place. Josh says that she's like Yoda... this tiny little awkward walker that goes through everyone's stuff... And boy is she opinionated. When we won't let her walk in the street (how strict are we??), she yells and cries and gets so upset. Same thing when she sees someone leave through the front door - if she's not allowed to go out with them, watch out - this girl will get MAD. That said, she's just the sweetest little thing with this adorable toothy smile. We had a little birthday brunch this morning for her, so I'll try to post pictures of that soon... she wore a birthday hat. It was adorable. Happy birthday, sweet girl!!! We love you so much!!

Ruby wanted Eleanor on her lap for this picture and when we put her there she said, "Eleanor got heavy! I think she grow'd last night A LOT!" How cute is that?? Reality is - they're probably only 12 pounds different right now...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eleanor's ELEVEN months!

Oh my word. Next month I have a one year old. Wow! Well this month Eleanor continues to grow and grow - yet her teeth haven't moved. This girl still has only her 2 front lower teeth but can eat anything you put in front of her (talented gums...). But you can see SIX teeth just about to poke through. Isn't that crazy?? She's standing up unassisted and starting the process of "cruising" the furniture. He voice still sounds like a Muppet... but an adorable Muppet :) She says "Mamamamammama" and plays "chase" - I'll creep up on her and she'll squeal and turn around and crawl (fast!) the other way wanting me to chase her - just about the cutest thing ever! She ADORES her sister (her sister can do no wrong) and is really into clapping - I'll go into get her from naptime and she'll be standing up and start clapping when she sees me. Adorable. She is adventurous and funny and does this bashful look when you point at her with a big smile. I'm in love. She's wonderful.  One more month until the big 1!!

Ruby at eleven months...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 years old!!!

Happy 3rd birthday (over one month ago), Ruby!! Ruby's birthday was in early May and I thought it was about time (in early June) to document it here. 


Ruby had a breakfast brunch for her friends complete with an obstacle course. How fun! It all started with the Bacon Balance Beam... to the Sausage Squeeze... the Cereal Bowl Ball Pit... and some Snap Crackle and Pop bubble wrap bouncing! There were other legs of the course, but those were the popular ones. In fact, I think they camped out at the ball pit for awhile...

After all the activity, there was of course a cake... a doughnut cake. YUM. What more could a 3 year old want?? Such a blast!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eleanor's TEN months!

This month was the fastest month ever. Ever. There's no way that Eleanor is 10 months old! I"m not sure what made it go by so quickly, but man. All of a sudden she's double digits! This month Eleanor became mobile. Very. Mobile. Full hands and knees crawling but now pulling up on everything (or trying to... please note the notch on her forehead from a failed attempt). Don't get me wrong - this girl loves to be held (and will demand it) but she can hold her own on the ground. Food? Not an issue anymore for this little one. Tonight she pounded down a meatball plus her other purees and yogurt... and milk. You'll notice in the pictures below that she's not the happiest of babies in this photo shoot - this girl is teething. Hardcore. She's squawking and screeching like a little monkey and sounds somewhat like a Muppet. Such a joy. We just love her! Happy ten months, baby!

Ruby at ten months... don't they look so different??

Monday, April 29, 2013

Eleanor's NINE months!

Eleanor is rounding third base to being 1 year old! And I'm happy to say she's turned a corner with food!! Eleanor now cannot get enough food in her mouth fast enough. FINALLY! She has one bottom tooth poking through (another one as of today!) and is an army crawling machine. She's definitely going through a growth spurt currently. Eating and sleeping like a boss! She's trying SO HARD to crawl on those knees of hers and is so close! That said, she'd rather be standing while holding onto fingers. I keep putting her back down to crawl. One thing at a time, Eleanor! We lowered her crib, put away the "baby toys" and packed up the smaller clothes. She is just about the happiest baby you ever did see... and always happy happy and showing that toothy grin! Happy 9 months, E!

Ruby at nine months... opposite front tooth popping through!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cousin cuteness...

Joey, Lindsey, and Kayleigh were in town for spring break. We took the whole week off and were able to spend the entire week with our dear friends. It. Was. Wonderful. I (hopefully) will post more later on it with iPhone pics, but here are a few from the real camera. Oh man. So cute.

And matching jammies... Beware: cuteness overload.