Sunday, February 19, 2012

mini vacay

Ask and you shall receive... pictures! We made a quick 48 hour trip to Santa Barbara. Both drives were coordinated to start right at Ruby's bedtime in hopes that she would sleep the whole way... I'd say that only partially worked. BUT, we made it and we had a great time!

Our place...

(Ruby was obsessed with the garage door opening and closing... it's the small things in life...)

(Her waiting with anticipation for me to open it... for the 8th time that morning...)

FULL day of fun (I think Josh and I were more exhausted than Ruby...):

Pancakes by the beach...

Swinging by the beach...


Top of the clock tower... (side story: when I took Ruby to the Santa Cruz wharf, I told Josh that it freaked me out when Ruby got close to the fence thing that overlooked the ocean because, in my paranoid head, she could fall through the tiny slots. Josh thought I was being silly. At the top of the clock tower, the gate slots were even closer together than at the wharf and Josh was a nervous wreck... see, Josh?? See??)

Trolly Ride!

Bubbles at the turtle pond park!

We had a great time and unfortunately didn't document our time with our friend Jeff and Graham, our friends from Colorado (We missed you, Krista!). We ate good food, saw good friends and fun animals, and Ruby enjoyed being in the beautiful outdoors... so fun!

Next item to work on: taking pictures with ME in them! I promise, I do exist...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nonna to the rescue...

Nonna sent some pics. Proof they were here...

... and that we had so much fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

and we're back... for now...

February is busy. Busy busy. I've only had 3-day work weeks the entire month and it will continue until March! Trips here and there. Visitors coming and going. It's been busy.

This weekend my parents were here and we had a great time! Good food, good company, good Nonna/Papa time. Josh and I were able to have a pre-Valentine's Day lunch date sans toddler and a lovely, much needed nap. It was my dad's birthday weekend so we were also able to eat cheesecake and celebrate him as well.

Did I take pictures? I'm not even going to answer that. Just know we had a good time. This weekend, we're off to Santa Barbara. We will (try) to take pictures...

Monday, February 6, 2012

baby Kayleigh

Our little family went down to meet a new little family - the Olsens. Joey and Lindsey are our dear friends and they just had a beautiful baby girl in late December. I was struck with the stomach flu a few weeks back and had to cancel my trip down to go meet the little one, but LUCKILY all 3 Dunlops were healthy enough to make the trip down this weekend.

Oh. My. Word. She's wonderful. So perfect. And such a cuddlebug. To say Ruby took to Kayleigh is an understatement. Ruby ADORED Kayleigh. "Baby? Baby?" She was always asking for her. And when she'd cry, Ruby would say "Uh oh" and give her hugs. What? Oh my word. Um. I may have teared up when that first happened.

Did I get any pictures of Joey and Lindsey? No. Did I get any pictures of Josh or myself? Of course not. Why do we even have a camera? BUT, I did capture these moments and I LOVE looking at them... so precious.