Friday, March 4, 2011

TEN months!

Double digits!! The next (and only other) time that will be significant is in 9 years and 2 months - cra cra! Well... taking her pictures on the big white chair without Josh around is not happening. She's officially a flight risk. This girl loves to move. Only one week ago she was so apprehensive about crawling and now she just won't stay still (unless she pauses for a cuddle with mama... LOVE!). As everyone has said, our lives have changed now that she's mobile. Not as much as they will once she can walk (I mean, it takes her a solid 3 minutes to get from the living room to the kitchen - she's not THAT fast). But she is pulling herself up on things which definitely spices things up and standing/walking with mom/dad's fingers is one of her favorite activities as of late. No more sitting on the couch for mom and dad! Fun new change: every morning when I go in to get her (after she's slept a solid 11 hours - Hallelujah!), she's sitting up in her crib and waves at me with her cute bed head and rosy cheeks. I'm tellin' ya... she's too precious.

I think this is a good representation of how she feels about taking her monthly photos now:

a little blurry from her wiggling and the face says it all - "COME! ON! MOM! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE! LET ME GO CRAWL!"
... or this one....

"Hey mom, I got something for ya..." Is my little monkey flipping me the bird?? :)

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Dressing On The Side said...

those eyes. happy 10 month old rubybird!