Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eleanor's TEN months!

This month was the fastest month ever. Ever. There's no way that Eleanor is 10 months old! I"m not sure what made it go by so quickly, but man. All of a sudden she's double digits! This month Eleanor became mobile. Very. Mobile. Full hands and knees crawling but now pulling up on everything (or trying to... please note the notch on her forehead from a failed attempt). Don't get me wrong - this girl loves to be held (and will demand it) but she can hold her own on the ground. Food? Not an issue anymore for this little one. Tonight she pounded down a meatball plus her other purees and yogurt... and milk. You'll notice in the pictures below that she's not the happiest of babies in this photo shoot - this girl is teething. Hardcore. She's squawking and screeching like a little monkey and sounds somewhat like a Muppet. Such a joy. We just love her! Happy ten months, baby!

Ruby at ten months... don't they look so different??

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