Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eleanor's ELEVEN months!

Oh my word. Next month I have a one year old. Wow! Well this month Eleanor continues to grow and grow - yet her teeth haven't moved. This girl still has only her 2 front lower teeth but can eat anything you put in front of her (talented gums...). But you can see SIX teeth just about to poke through. Isn't that crazy?? She's standing up unassisted and starting the process of "cruising" the furniture. He voice still sounds like a Muppet... but an adorable Muppet :) She says "Mamamamammama" and plays "chase" - I'll creep up on her and she'll squeal and turn around and crawl (fast!) the other way wanting me to chase her - just about the cutest thing ever! She ADORES her sister (her sister can do no wrong) and is really into clapping - I'll go into get her from naptime and she'll be standing up and start clapping when she sees me. Adorable. She is adventurous and funny and does this bashful look when you point at her with a big smile. I'm in love. She's wonderful.  One more month until the big 1!!

Ruby at eleven months...

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Lindsey Olsen said...

This is crazy! How in the world has it almost been a year?! She is so cute! I love your tan little summer babes! Can't wait to see them in person!