Monday, July 29, 2013

Eleanor's ONE YEAR!

Eleanor is a year old!! How on earth is that possible??!? AND, how is it that just one month ago she only had 2 teeth and was just pulling herself up and today she has 8 teeth and is attempting RUNNING. I kid you not. This girl started walking 2 weeks ago and is already trying to speed it up. Ruby runs fast - someone feels the need to catch her!! This girl is all over the place. Josh says that she's like Yoda... this tiny little awkward walker that goes through everyone's stuff... And boy is she opinionated. When we won't let her walk in the street (how strict are we??), she yells and cries and gets so upset. Same thing when she sees someone leave through the front door - if she's not allowed to go out with them, watch out - this girl will get MAD. That said, she's just the sweetest little thing with this adorable toothy smile. We had a little birthday brunch this morning for her, so I'll try to post pictures of that soon... she wore a birthday hat. It was adorable. Happy birthday, sweet girl!!! We love you so much!!

Ruby wanted Eleanor on her lap for this picture and when we put her there she said, "Eleanor got heavy! I think she grow'd last night A LOT!" How cute is that?? Reality is - they're probably only 12 pounds different right now...

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Jill said...

So adorable and I can't believe she's already one! I love her 'over-the-shoulder, looking back' pose - very glamorous. :)